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Our main purpose is to provide you with the acumen to develop creative and innovative strategic solutions for your journey.  We consider ourselves to be  "strategists for strategists" and with that as our driving force, we have opportunities to move you forward!

We have concluded that movement can be seen through many lenses. Our first scope of services is Strategic Planning, Grant Writing, Researching, and Reviewing.

Our second mode of movement is presenting timely information via social media with our podcast – “Girl, Who Don’t You Know?! – where we “transform minds one show at a time”.

Our third mode, would be to strategically move you to "your next best" by reading the lived experiences of others in the book, “ Stuck Is Not Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious”..

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"Stuck is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious"

"One year I had 5 W-2s and during that time, our life was just full of adrenalin and the need to survive and I did not realize how hard it was until I was about to receive my brave heart badge."

- Marilyn Green

Marilyn Green is the author of the

incredibly moving chapter

"A Brave Heart".

Our mission is to provide collaborative solutions that will strategically navigate our clients through their business ecosystems.


“It is an honor to work with Marilyn and gain access to her knowledge and genuine willingness to see you succeed! Her insight and leadership allowed my organization to strengthen its mission and procure new avenues for revenue."

John A. Williams III, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Williams Education Consulting

College Station, TX

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