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Mission Statement

"To provide intergenerational solutions that will strategically navigate our clients through their business ecosystems."

Producing Results Just For You!


JFY Consulting is an inter-generational think tank that provides strategic and innovative solutions for our customers. We specialize in providing high-quality consulting in three core areas: Strategic Planning, Grant Proposal Development, and Business Services. 

Our continuum of services have proven to illuminate the strengths and areas of growth for our customers. As strategists for strategists, we work with our clients to maximize their potential. Whether the challenge is big or small, short-term or long-term, we are here to provide the best solution, Just For You!



Business Startups

For Profits

​Not-for- Profits



“It is an honor to work with Marilyn and gain access to her knowledge and genuine willingness to see you succeed! Her insight and leadership allowed my organization to strengthen its mission and procure new avenues for revenue."

John A. Williams III, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Williams Education Consulting

College Station, TX