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"Stuck is NOT Your Story: I Overcame and Am Victorious"

is a compilation of testimonials from many co-authors who come from all walks of life; from the soldier deploying to Iraq to surviving abuse. Themed with overcoming the worst and most difficult scenarios imaginable, this book is filled with hope and inspiration.

Marilyn Green is the author of the incredibly moving chapter "A Brave Heart".

"One year I had 5 W-2s and during that time, our life was just full of adrenalin and the need to survive and I did not realize how hard it was until I was about to receive my brave heart badge."

- Marilyn Green

Book Reviews

From Anna Bell from Freeport, IL

“When I read her story, A Brave Heart, it touched me to my soul. How she let nothing stop her from championing the cards on the table. She did not let the circumstance she was faced with cause her give up or give in. Instead, she had a plan, she decided to set out to fulfill the scripture she selected to include at the beginning of her moving story, "Strength and Honor are her clothing: and she shall rejoice in time to come." ~Proverbs 31:25 KJV. 


I was a single parent myself and have worked two jobs, never received one dime of child support. In the past 2 years my life has taken on a transformation I did not see coming. I began to know I was worthy, to have a good life. To move forward with confidence, knowing God, loves me. I can hold my head up, to set goals and achieve them. Thank You, Lord for sending me Marilyn Green. You never know who God will send to reposition your life.


Please do get this wonderful book and make sure you read, Chapter 3, The Brave Heart, written by my Grant Instructor, Mentor, and I feel so blessed to be able to call her my friend, Miss Marilyn Green.”

From Cathy Jordan from Rock Island, IL

"Marilyn has brought words to life to help remind us that life is a journey with many ways to travel through it.  The words in "Stuck is Not Your Story, Stories of Victory!" Is a bright light and life preserver  in a world that can make days dark, overwhelming, and feel like the water is taking us under.  Open this book and be prepared to absorb wisdom, encouragement, and love to conquer your day and claim victory in your life!"

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